Using the Scanner with the MBone Whiteboard utility:

Whenever you are ready to scan, place the image on the scan bed and press the Green Light button. This should pop up the ScanGear Toolbox CS. You should be able to see a icon named VISEmbryo. Click the icon. The image is scanned and saved in D:\PSFiles\ A dialog box saying the same pop ups. Click Ok and you are ready to import the scanned image on to WhiteBoard. On WhiteBoard click the button "Import PS" to import a PS File. Browse to D:\PSFiles\, select and click Open. You should be able to see the scanned image on White Board. All other members in the conference also see this new image.

If you want to scan a new image, follow the same process. The image is again saved in same file viz, overwriting the previous scanned image.

For higher resolution scanning/printing/editing

If you want to do higher resolution scanning/printing or editing, you can use Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE. Start Photoshop by clicking on "Start -> Programs -> Adobe -> Photoshop 5.0 Limited Edition -> Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE.

In Photoshop, select File -> Import -> TWAIN_32... This should bring up a scan window where you have several options which you can control over the scanning process. When finished simply hit "Scan" and the image will scan and load in Photoshop.

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