Administrators - setting up the scanner configuration.

Create a new Folder on D:\ and name it as "PSFiles"

Add a new printer with driver being a color Post Script Driver. The port being PRINT TO FILE ( FILE: ). After having added the printer, right click on the new printer and select properties. Click on Ports Tab. Click on Add Port. Select Local Port and click New Port. This will bring up a dialog box Port Name asking for the name. Enter "D:\PSFiles\" and click OK. Click Apply at the Properties dialog box.

Copy VISEmbryo.exe to C:\Program Files\Canon\Toolbox\ folder. Start Canon Toolbox from start\programs\canon scangear toolbox cs\. Click on settings. Click on Custom1 tab. Click Browse button and browse to C:\Program Files\Canon\ToolBox\. Select VISEmbryo.exe and click Link. In the button settings let the image type be true color and image quality be 75 dpi (if we increase the resolution, PS file becomes large and White Board takes for long time to import this PS file). Check the "Show this button" and click OK.

Now it is ready to scan and save the file in D:\PSFiles\ A dialog box comes up saying the same.

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