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Modeling Network Topology

    Click the network button  on tool button panel with middle-button, the graph on the right shows the buttons on the action button panel. Click , a network models list will pop up on the workspace. 


    When you choose "DebugModel", the network structure will be displayed on the workspace. Other buttons on the action button panel are mostly used for network model designing. 

    indicates a subnet, while  indicates a Host or a Router. DebugModel has 5 Backbone Routers and 6 FDDI subnets, which each contains two Hosts and one Gateway. Right-click each node or connection between nodes, a dialog pop up for editing the attributes of that component. 

    Here is an attributes editor dialog of an ABR router. You may configure the node name, node model and values of attributes. "promoted" in the value field means that the actural value of the attribute are read in from the environment file when the simulation is initializing.
    In our model, data flow is duplex between any two nodes. When configuring connection attributes, you need to select "Show All Attributes" button on the top of the dialog. You can set line's  name, connection model, transmitter's and receiver's interface here. Most important, this dialog allow you set bandwidth, transition dalay and error rate of the line. 
    When you double-click the FDDI node, the subnet window will be shown on the workspace.

    Clicking  on action button panel will lead you back to the network model.
    Opnet will pop up the node structure window when you click mouse on each node.

Table of Contents