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Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework
Adopting a Web-Centric Approach

As the Department of Defense (DoD) is engaged in both warfighting and institutional transformation for the new millennium, DoD Modeling & Simulation (M&S) also needs to identify and adopt transformational technologies which provide direct tactical relevance to warfighters.

An interdisciplinary team from the Naval Postgraduate School, SAIC Inc., Old Dominion University, and George Mason University has begun to investigate how the high potential of the new technologies can be brought to bear on the modeling and simulation problems DoD faces today.

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Extensible Battle Management Language

The Extensible Battle Management Language project, also known as the XMSF-C4I Testbed, is developing a linkage among a C4I Planner (CAPES), multi-source database, operations order tools (BML GUI), and a simulation (OTB). Our goal is to show the ability to interoperate C4I and simulation software using Web technologies.

The original BML demonstration software was developed under U.S. Army funding. Our mission includes adding Joint and Combined/Coalition capability to BML, using the NATO-developed Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model (C2IEDM) and also running the resulting software in the XMSF Distributed Testbed.

Participants in XBML include the George Mason University/C3I Center, Old Dominion University/Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, Atlantic Consulting Services (ACS), and Alion, Inc.

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