Setting up the network configuration.

Before you can setup the machine to work on your local area network you will need some information from your local network administrator.

You will need the following information:
  1. IP Address -It is preferable that you obtain a static IP address for the machine. If your network administrator cannot do this then please contact us at so we can work an alternate approach. The IP address will be a number similar to
  2. Gateway
  3. Primary and Secondary DNS Server IP Addresses

Your administrator should register the IP address in the DNS so you have a name like to represent the machine.

Once you have obtained these settings you need to enter them on your system.

To do this - Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel

You should find an icon similar to the following:

Double click it and your should get a window very similar to:

Double click the icon:

You will get a window like:

Click the "Properties" button.

You will see a box similar to:

Click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click "Properties"

You will see a box very similar to:

In this box you can enter the information you received from your network administrator.
Press "OK" when finished.

Reboot your machine if prompted to do so. Make sure you have an ethernet cable connected between the back of your system and the jack where your machine is to connect. When it comes back up you should be configured to access the internet. If you experience problems, please contact

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