Visible Embryo Project - Core Applications

The Annotation and Modeling application
The Embryology Education application
The Clinical Management Planning application

The Annotation and Modeling application will create an archive of tagged image data for visualization, where every picture element can be associated with any number of different labels, for example the organ system to which it belongs, the structure and tissue types represented, the specimen to which it belongs, etc. This will provide the basic archive that the other two applications will use.

The Embryology Education application will make the visualization tools available for medical student use, and also will create animations of embryo organ system development. Software "morphing" techniques will be used to make a movie-like sequence of images derived from a selected set of embryos. Heart, lungs and caudal region will be modeled.

The Clinical Management Planning application will make the data available in visual form so that a geographically distributed group of physicians can look at it simultaneously, manipulate it, and discuss it. This part of the project looks forward to a near-future time when it will be possible to draw on contributions to medical analysis and diagnosis by experts who may be geographically far from the patient's location (and from each other), based on expected improvements in imaging technologies.

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