Subversion Tips

Subversion (SVN) Repository URL:


SBML Web Services SVN Trunk:

SBML Web Services SVN past versions:

To upload files to the repository, you will need an SVN client. You can browse the source and download files without a client.

  • For Linux, The command line client or the free GUI application,  RapidSVN

When adding files, it is advised to sort them into directories. Typical software development projects will organize files into a specific directory structure using /trunk, /tags, and /branches. For sharing documents and other files, any logical directory structure would be appropriate. It is valuable to include descriptive comments when committing changesets.

Please note: If you have trouble checking out the repository or committing new files, please send an email to help@….

Documentation on using TortoisseSVN in Windows

  • To check out a working copy of the repository using TortoisseSVN, follow  these instructions using the URL listed above. Choose the HEAD revision.