The SBML (Scripted BML) Server is a web service that takes BML (IBML in the current version) as input and produces BML output. Its purpose is to support a variety of C2 systems that communicate via BML. Information is persisted by the web service in JC3IEDM format within a network accessible MySQL database. BML requests to the SBML Server can be either to store or query information into or from the database.

To install SBML Server and help on usage and testing, please refer to document below describing the set up of SBML Server on an Linux machine. (SBML Server has also been successfully installed on Windows XP)

  • SBML Setup -- Instructions for setting up and using the SBML Server

The schemas that determine correctly formed BML are available in the repository and can be checked out from

An overview presentation on the Scripted BML software approach is provided in

For more information on the scripting language please refer to

A paper which describes a MSG-048 test using SBMLServer and multiple C2 systems all communicating using BML is available at

A list of papers with links to text at

  • Links -- Publications list