SBML Server Functionality

The GMU SBML Server will be used in the upcoming MSDL-CBML demonstration at I/ITSEC 2011. This demonstration will interconnect several Military Simulators, Command and Control tools, and support systems using Battlefield Management Language.

The test server is This is the link to the  WSDL.

MSDL Processing

Support the buildup of MSDL data via multiple push transactions
Publish the aggregated MSDL documents to subscribed Simulation and C2 systems
Add newly discovered Units and Equipment Items and inform subscribers of their presence

BML Processing

Receive orders and reports in the form of BML XML documents
Translate the BML to JC3IEDM
Write the JC3IEDM to a database
Publish the incoming documents via a publish/subscriber interface.
Respond to retrieval requests for previously pushed orders and reports

Client Software

Two service interfaces are supported on the SBMLServer,

Web Services client used for:

  • Submitting orders
  • Submitting reports
  • Submitting all MSDL initialization transactions
  • Performing database queries

SBML Web services may be accessed using SOAP or a RESTful interface

Publish/Subscribe interface for:

  • Asynchronously receiving orders
  • Asynchronously receiving reports

The SBML !pub/sub interface supports JMS and HORNETQ interfaces

Status Service

Support a master controller that tracks the initialization status of all participants
Inform all participants of the status of the initialization process
Cause the MSDL aggregation process to execute

BMLC2GUI Application

Supports editing of BML XML documents
Submits orders to SBML Server
Displays reports on interactive map