The main Purpose of the BMLC2GUI is to provide an easy-to-use and open-source graphical user interface to BML users. It is an application developed in Java that generates a Swing interface using two marvelous tools:

  1. Xcentric JAXFront : which generates a GUI interface at run-time for any XML document using its schema. Website:
  1. BBN OpenMap : which is used to generate geospatial graphical interface for the data in the XML document on the map. Website:

This is a branch of the original BMLC2GUI, which supported the SOAP protocol. BMLC2GUI - REST & STOMP supports the protocols used by WISE-SBML.

Please note that this is beta software. Possible enhancements, and problem reports, are greatly appreciated.


BMLC2GUI may be checked out from the Subversion repository at

A zipfile containing ready-to-run Windows code for BMLC2GUI_REST_and_STOMP is at

Major Functionality

  1. Pulling Reports: The most important functionality of the BMLC2GUI is to pull reports from the Web Service's SBMLServer and render the view of the Report's XML source into an easy to display and edit workspace. At the same time, extract any geospacial information from the report and display it on the map. This functionality is achieved through two modes:
  1. Online Mode: By activating the SBMLSubscriber listener application, which listens to any coming new report and automatically detects its type and displays it in the editor area.
  1. Off-Line Mode :By selecting the desired report from a Report Information list of the latest reports added from the web service.
  1. Editing and Pushing Orders: The BMLC2GUI provides the capability to create, edit, validate and push Orders to and through the web service.

This release comes with multiple schemas including:

  1. C-BML Phase 1 Trial Use:
    1. Latest schema: /Trunk/Schema/C-BML with Ref (has issues with JaxFront?) -sample files: /Trunk/Samples/CBML_OPORD
    2. GMU minimaly modified schema: /Trunk/Schema/C-BML -sample files: /Trunk/Samples/CBML_OPORD
  2. C-BML GMU-lite: (GMU C4I modified) Location: /Trunk/Schema/OPORD -sample files: /Trunk/Samples/GMU_CBML_OPORD
  3. IBML MSG-048: /Trunk/Schema/Order -sample files: /Trunk/Samples/IBMLOrders
  4. IBML MSG-048: /Trunk/Schema/Reports -sample files: /Trunk/Samples/Reports