Moodle Integration Planning

The integration effort will be in phases listed below with references.

  1. Research and learning
  2. Moodle Block Development (create "Hello World" moodle block)
  3. Database API usage - extend the block to use the Moodle database APIs
    • XMLDB  Documentation
    • Database  structures
    •  DDL &  DML functions
    • ISSUE: Moodle 2.0 is coming out next year and there may be significant changes. Need to consider if we should develop towards it
  4. Extending the Moodle database - add tables/fields to support MIST/C
  5. NWC file access - include session ID generation/storage
  6. Simple Live connection in the block
  7. TLM modifications to support new database layout
  8. First milestone - live connection from Moodle