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Moodle Integration Design

This is a basic design for how the end product will work with Moodle.

MIST/C Installation

  • To be done on a new or existing installation of Moodle
  • Packaged as a Moodle Module that contains:
    • Moodle block for controlling server per course
    • NEW/MISTC server directory/code (?)
    • Module itself with template nwc files (?)
  • Module will be distributed by NetLab? and as a Moodle contributed module
  • The Moodle site administrator will install the module and enable it

Adding a Course to use MIST/C

  • As few as two steps to start using MIST/C with a course
  • Courses are added using the standard Moodle interface
    • Note: This may be automated or tied to LDAP in some way
  • The instructor logins with editing mode and adds the MIST/C block to their course
    • When adding the block, the system will automatically pick a port and configure a NEW/MISTC server process dedicated for this course
    • NWC file configuration will be either generated automatically based on templates or values stored in a database