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The work described here was performed by the Networking and Simulation Lab, C4I Center, George Mason University, in cooperation with ESystems, Falls Church VA, and Bay Networks, Billerica MA.

Our goal is to enable simulation of resource reserved IP multicast with experimental routing sensitive to quality of service. Basic modeling was done by Lava K Lavu and Ravi Malghan. Additional documentation and debugging by Jeimei Ma, Gang Duan and Michael Nah. The new model posted in July 2001 was developed by Leijung Huang, under the direction of Dr. Yih Huang.

Our work is conducted using the OpNet network modeling environment by MIL3, Inc.

In case of problems with our models, please contact qosip@netlab.gmu.edu.


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GMU NETLAB is a member of the OPNET University Consortium.

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