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XOM Project Publications

  • Private Overlay Multicast for the
    Defense Threat Reduction Agency Collaboration Center (DCC)
    (PDF file)
    Dennis M. Moen, J. Mark Pullen

  • MOVES Institute XMSF requirements document (PDF file)
    Oct 2002

  • Modeling Real-Time Distributed Simulation Message Flow in an Open Network (PDF file)
    Dennis M. Moen, J. Mark Pullen

  • Implementation of Host-based Overlay Multicast to Support
    Web Based Services for RT-DVS
    (PDF file)
    Dennis M. Moen, J. Mark Pullen and Fei Zhao
    Proceedings of the Eighth IEEE Distributed Simulation--Real Time Applications Workshop, 2004

  • Internet and Multicast Service Issues for XMSF (PDF file)
    J. Mark Pullen, Dennis Moen, George Mason University, 2003

  • Enabling Real-Time Distributed Virtual Simulation over the Internet
    Using Host-based Overlay Multicast
    (PDF file)
    Dennis M. Moen and J. Mark Pullen,
    Workshop on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications, 2003

  • Reliable Multicast Network Transport for Distributed Virtual Simulation (PDF file)
    Pullen, J.,
    Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE Workshop on Distributed Simulation and Real-Time Applications, 1999

  • Limitations of the Internet Protocol Suite for Distributed Simulation
    in the Large Multicast Environment
    (text file)
    J.M. Pullen, M. Myjak, and C. Bouwens,
    RFC2502, Internet Society, 1999

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