Symposium Video Recordings
XMSF Strategic Opportunities

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SpeakerTitleFile Size
 1.  Dr. Anita Jones   Keynote: M&S Technologies and the Web 22.0 MB   
 2.  Dr. Don Brutzman   XMSF Workshop Results: Web Technologies 28.2 MB   
 3.  Dr. Mark Pullen   XMSF Workshop Results: Internet Technologies 17.6 MB   
 4.  Dr. Katherine Morse   XMSF Workshop Results: M&S Technologies 14.8 MB   
 5.  Dr. Don Brutzman   XMSF Workshop Results 3.8 MB   
 6.  Dr. Mike Zyda   XMSF Workshop Results: Defense Impact 3.6 MB   
 7.  Rob Glidden   Commercial Web Technologies for M&S 18.6 MB   
 8.  Sanjeev Trika   Commercial CAD-to-Web efforts 12.7 MB   
 9.  Dr. Philip Dodds   ADL and Web-Based M&S 12.4 MB   
10. Walt Zimmers   DoD's Homeland Defense Role and Web-Based M&S 26.0 MB   
11. Dr. Mike Bailey   Supporting the Tactical Warfighter: USMC 14.6 MB   
12. Phil Zimmerman   Programmatic Pespective on XMSF 17.0 MB   
13. Dr. Dennis McBride   Programmatic Pespective on XMSF 3.1 MB   
14. MAJ David Laflam   Programmatic Pespective on XMSF 24.9 MB   
15. Alan Murashige   Programmatic Pespective on XMSF 22.1 MB   

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