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0800 Registration Opens
         continental breakfast available
         (beverages available all day)

0830 Welcome to GMU
         Dr Lloyd Griffiths, Dean
         GMU School of Information Technology & Engineering

0835 Keynote: M&S Technologies and the Web
         Dr. Anita Jones
         University of Virginia (UVA) Dept of Computer Science
         (former Director, Defense Research and Engineering)

0900 XMSF Workshop Results
         (Chair: Dr. Don Brutzman, NPS)
         Web Technologies: Dr. Don Brutzman, NPS
         Internet Technologies: Dr. Mark Pullen, GMU
         M&S Technologies: Dr. Katherine Morse, SAIC
         Defense Impact: Dr. Mike Zyda, NPS

1015 break

1030 Technologists' Perspectives on XMSF
         (Chair: Dr. Katherine Morse, SAIC)
         Commercial Web Technologies for M&S:
                  Rob Glidden, Sun Microsystems
         Commercial CAD-to-Web efforts:
                  Sanjeev Trika, Intel Corporation
         ADL and Web-Based M&S: Dr. Philip Dodds, Adv Dist Learning
         DoD's Homeland Defense Role and Web-Based M&S:
                  Walt Zimmers, DTRA

1140 Lunch (on-site)

1245 Supporting the Tactical Warfighter - Perspective on XMSF
         (chair: Dr. Dennis McBride, Potomac Institute)
         USMC: Dr. Mike Bailey, USMC Combat Development Command
         USN: Dana Paterson, FORCENet
         USAF and J7/J9 speakers invited

1400 Programmatic Pespective on XMSF
         (chair Dr. Mike Zyda, NPS)
         Phil Zimmerman, DMSO
         MAJ David Laflam, USA, AMSO
         Steve Swenson, NAVMSMO
         Mr. Alan Murashige, HQ USAF/XIW

1500 break

1515 Open-Mike Session (Chair: Dr. Mark Pullen, GMU)
         ground rule: form a queue; one slide/3 minutes max
         each time you come to front of the queue

1630 Reception (snacks & cash bar)

Last updated: 11/29/2008