XMSF Technology Tutorial Abstract

XMSF Technology Presentation
Dr. Mark Pullen, GMU
Friday 19 Nov, 13:30 to 15:00

Overlay Multicast and its Application for Advanced Distributed Simulation

Growing demand for use of Internet/Web-based services in large scale real-time distributed virtual simulation (RT-DVS) and other real-time applications is fueling extensive interest in overlay multicast protocols. These applications demand Quality of Service (QoS) and many-to-many multicast services that are not available in underlying Internet services today and are not likely to be offered as an open network service in the near future. This presentation describes implementation of an overlay multicast protocol designed to support many-to-many multicast for RT-DVS applications, called Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework Overlay Multicast (XOM). Focus includes the architecture and key design considerations of XOM, as well as preliminary results from laboratory experiments with our prototype, which will be available for download on our website.


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