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The Network Workbench is described in detail in the book

Understanding Internet Protocols Through Hands-On Programming

by J. Mark Pullen
published by John Wiley & Sons, January 2000.

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The latest version of the Network Workbench is available for academic use as a no-cost download through this website. Although the book combines projects and basic theory in a single document, the download contains enough information to use the projects associated with the Workbench.

Published papers about the Network Workbench:

 The Network Workbench: 
Network Simulation Software for Academic Investigation of Internet Concepts
(PDF) - J. Mark Pullen

Postscript version

The Network Workbench and Constructivism: Learnng Protocols By Programming (PDF) - J. Mark Pullen

 The Network Workbench: 
Discrete Event Simulation of CSMA/CD Local Area Networks in the Network Workbench
- J. Mark Pullen

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