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NEW is based on open-source software, so no license is required. Before downloading, make sure you have the hardware and software necessary for using NEW .

Operating system and browser notes:
For Windows, if you are using domain authentication, you will need Power User or administrator status to download and install NEW in your computer. The software downloads are self-expanding executable zip files. They will unzip and will install in C:\Program Files\NEW\. The tools are started by a configuration file. The normal way to do this is to download the file by clicking on a web link. The Internet Explorer browser does the download directly when the link is clicked. The Firefox browser saves this file to your desktop (or to your hard disk, if you have so specified); click on it to do the download. After the Master Client is loaded, it will ask to load the tools needed to make up the full system. If your download gets hung up, just start over; the tools already loaded will not load again.

You must test your sound system and your network connection before attempting to participate in a class. Symptoms of a weak connection are failure of NEW to start or frequent disconnections. If your ISP service is not sufficient, you may use the GMU dial-up connection. See the README file in the download for more details.

Installing a later version of NEW does NOT remove all of the earlier version . If you no longer need the earlier version, delete the C:\Program Files\NEW folder BEFORE downloading another version.

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Current Linux download
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Beta Windows download
current beta
Beta Linux download
current beta
Beta Mac download
current beta
Java Runtime Environment   webpage
Version 1.5 or later required

For help with NEW, send email to

Last updated: 03/23/2010