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Mac Client

     INSTALLING NEW4.4.6 on Intel Mac OS X SYSTEMS

1. Download the file to your system.

2. Extract the NEW folder from the zip file by double clicking it.

3. Drag the NEW folder to your /Applications folder

4. Open the /Applications/NEW folder and drag the PLAY-STANDALONE-FC.nwc  
file to the to launch for the first time. 
Choose to play the "Welcome to NEW" recording. If it is not listed as 
available, just note that the components of NEW--the whiteboard and the 
control window--are showing.

5. NEW will launch and prompt to download additional components.

You can launch in standalone mode by double clicking the .nwc files in
the NEW directory.

To run the .nwc file provided by a NEW webpage when
you connect, just click on it in the browser's
Downloads panel, or use the Finder to navigate to
the downloads directory and click on it there.

Please report problems with the NEW Mac Client to

Last updated: 02/09/2010