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Mac Client

     INSTALLING NEW4.4.5 on Intel Mac OS X SYSTEMS

1. use your browser to download 
   to any convenient directory (either Desktop or Downloads
   would be a good choice).

2. open a Terminal (From Applications/Utilities/
   and type the following:

   >> cd to the directory where you unzipped
   >> cd NEWC040404M
   >> chmod +x install
   >> ./install
   Note: This will require an admin account. You may be prompted 
   to enter your password.

3. approve download of NEW tools when offered

The above will install NEW in /usr/local/NEW.

All of the above is associated with the NEW Mac beta,
The production version will install by drag-and-drop.

To run NEW on a Mac, you need to click on a NEW
configuration file (.nwc extension). You can start the
configurations in the /usr/local/NEW directory in 
this way (for example, PLAY-STANDALONE.nwc). To 
run the .nwc file provided by a NEW webpage when
you connect, just click on it in the browser's
Downloads panel, or use the Finder to navigate to
the downloads directory and click on it there.

Please report problems with the NEW Mac Client to

Last updated: 07/23/2009