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Linux Client


NOTE: your Linux system must have a working version of
X-Windows, Unzip, and Sun Java 1.4 or later. Please note that
currently GNU Java does not work with the NEW Linux client.

1. use your browser to download
to a temporary directory. This is a small program
that downloads x86 Linux NEW. It can run in any

2. if you are not logged in as root, su to gain
root privileges for the install then
cd to your temporary directory and type this
(assuming >> is the Linux prompt):

>> chmod +x NEWC040200L.bin
>> ./NEWC040200L.bin

3. This will create directory /usr/local/NEW, download
(the NEW Master Client), unzip it and execute it. The
Master Client will run a script that causes it to download
all of the NEW client tools and supporting software. The
system is structured such that software upgrades require
downloading only the components that change.

4. The first test for your NEW client is to play a
recording (which is a little out of date; it describes
only the Windows client). To play, type:

>> cd /usr/local/NEW

5. Select "WelcomeToNEW" in the play control dropdown, and
click the play button. The recording should play.

6. login to webpage
as guest1 in DEMO and go to "test your connection"; click on
CONNECT LIVE. The browser will ask if you want to pick an
application to run the download file TEST-LIVE.nwc. Select the
file /usr/local/NEW/TLMC that you have just loaded, and click
the box to have the browser do the same with future .nwc files.

7. If you have problems please contact

Known bugs:

  * does not work with GNU Java (workaround: download Java 1.4 JVM
    or later from Sun Microsystems)

  * works with browser Firefox 1.0 or later; does not work with
    older Mozilla browsers.

Last updated: 11/29/2008