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Make NEW Recording


  1. prepare whiteboard slides
    • click on PLAY-STANDALONE.nwc in C:\Program Files\NEW\
      use 'Convert Slides' button on the NEW whiteboard - setup instructions
    • use PowerPoint with a special printer driver or use OpenOffice
  2. launch NEW with record control
    click on the .nwc file in C:\Program Files\NEW
    the MasterClient, AudioClient, Whiteboard, and Record Control will launch
  3. use the 'SoundTest' button in the NEWSF control box to make sure your mic is working
  4. use the 'Send' button in the NEWSF control box to start the audio
  5. start the recorder using forward arrow in the NEWRC control box
  6. import/annotate slides and talk to make a recording
  7. when finished, use the blue square button in the NEWRC control box to stop recording
  8. the recording will be saved automatically in C:\Program Files\NEW\RECORDINGS
    with a filename based on the date and time recorded
  9. to play it,
    • launch the player from
    • choose recording from the drop down menu

Last updated: 11/29/2008