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NEW DEMO Installation

To install the DEMO NEW demonstration server and client:

  1. On the server computer, install the server software from the bottom of the webpage (NOTE: like any server, this needs to have a static IP address)

  2. If you want user accounts beyond the three "guest" accounts that are already in place, go to the server directory and edit DEMO.auth

  3. a. On a Unix/Linux server, there are flexible customization options for course management in the HOWTO files. If you only want a basic server with no database and no webpages, you can "cd" to the SCRIPTS directory and execute "chmod +x *" to make the scripts runnable; then run the script to start the server(s) of your choice (LIVE, PLAY, or both)

    b. On a Windows server (which can be any Windows computer 1GHz and 512 MB or better), click on the .bat file to start the server(s) of your choice (NEW-DEMO-LIVE-SERVER.bat or NEW-DEMO-PLAY-SERVER.bat)

    c. On either Unix/Linux or Windows, you will need to create a configuration file for the client by editing one of the files found in the DEMO-NWC directory. As distributed, these files connect to the DEMO server on You simply need to edit the Internet address to that of your own server, and place the file on the desktop of the Windows system that runs the client.

  4. On the client computer (which can be the same as the server computer if it is a Windows system), install the client software from the top of the NEW downloads wepage, including Java 1.4

  5. Click on the DEMO*.nwc file on the Windows system to start the client
    (the server package file DEMO-NWC/DEMO-README.txt provides instructions for serving this file from a webserver in order to avoid the need to provide the edited file to users)

  6. If you are using Apache, configure the webserver to serve the .nwc files by adding: "application/nwc nwc" to the mime.types configuration file.

Last updated: 11/29/2008