NEW People

Most of the work on NEW was done by people who are not associated with GMU -- authors of the open source software we started with. We thank them for their contributions to the common good. We are not sure who all of them are, so we won't try to make a list. But one name must be mentioned: John Walker, author of Speak Freely, built a really great system for internet voice communication. We have added very little to it except the "glue" needed for the NEW concept.

Here are the people who have worked on NEW since the GMU project began:

Dr. Mark Pullen:
Project leader and architect
Transport Layer Multicaster (TLM)
TLM master client

Priscilla McAndrews:
Web page designer and developer
Database administrator
Documentation coordinator

Nick Clark:
System administrator
Server installation developer
Authentication methods developer

Vinod Mukkamala:
Early multicaster that grew into Transport Layer Multicaster

Dilip Jeyram:
Transport Layer Multicaster (TLM)

Rajesh Adivi:
Transport Layer Multicaster (TLM)

Manjeera Parupalli:
Transport Layer Multicaster (TLM)
TLM Floor Control

Babu Shanmugam:
Record/Playback system

Subodh Battina:
Research assistant
Open-Source PDF Generation

Rama Venna:
Research assistant
Recording utility software development

Dr. Charles Snow:
Slide file formatting
Linux client adaptation
Privacy system
Open office application sharing

Jon "Sheer" Pullen:
Whiteboard (WBD) enhancements

Badrinath Nemani:

Krishna Makineni:
Linux Video adaptation (VIC)

Sairam Chilappagari:
recording editor (RE)
video tool (VIC)

Varun Saraf:
enhancement of import window
PDF resizing

Samuel Singapogu:
IRMP for floor control

Doug Corner:
Record control enhancement

Dan Ryan:
System testing

Marcus Coates:
Whiteboard testing

Kalpit Jhaveri:

Nikhil Bonthapally:
MAC OSX video Adaptation (VIC)

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