NEWTOVID is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create AVI video and ipod compatible (MP4) videos. NEWTOVID runs on Windows only.

  1. Use your browser to download to C:\Program Files\NEW folder
  2. Extract the zip files to the same folder.
  3. Press Start->Run
  4. Type 'Command' to open the command line. Browse to the NEWTOVID folder (in C:\Program Files\NEW folder).

    Option 1: If you want a playback (avi) file for your computer and an ipod format, type:C:\Program Files\NEW\NEWTOVID:>NEWTOVID_avi_mp4.bat

    Option 2: If you need only the ipod format video, type: C:\Program Files\NEW\NEWTOVID>NEWTOVID_mp4.bat. This will start recording your computer screen and the audio from the speakers. Make sure you have microphone ready to use or else the software will not record any audio. You can use NEWTOVID either to record a live class or to record the playback of a NEW .nwr format recording you have downloaded to the C:\Program Files\NEW\RECORDINGS folder. (To playback click on PLAY-STANDALONE.nwc in C:\Program Files\NEW.)

  5. After the class is finished, open the Command window and Press Enter TWICE and wait until you see the command prompt again. This will start a conversion that takes around 8% of the recorded time. Do not interrupt during the conversion process. If you interrupt, the converted files and recording will be lost. Rename the output file before starting another conversion.

    Please report problems with the NEWTOVID to

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