NEW Course Information

Distance Education Courses for Fall Semester 2008

Eleven IT & E courses are currently offered using Network EducationWare (NEW) in Fall Semester 2008:

Course Instructor            Course Instructor
IT441 Jalinous CS706Carver
CS756 Pullen CS640 White
CS555 Chen S CS580 Duric
CS571 Aydin CS652 Chen J
CS583 Wang P SWE620 Armour
SWE621 Gomaa

Once you are registered, you can attend class either in person or over the Internet. To attend class live over the Internet, or play back a recorded class, you will need to download the software found at downloads.

NEW works over Internet links (56K modem and better). It delivers the instructor's voice, slides and annotation to your computer. You must have a working sound card and speakers to use it. If you have a working microphone, you can ask questions during class, but be sure to do a NEW sound test to make sure everything is working before you try this.

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