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MISTC Mac OS X Software Installation

Installing MISTC 5.2.4 on Intel Mac OS X SYSTEMS

1. Download the file to your system.

2. Extract  folder from the zip file by double clicking it.

3. Drag to your /Applications folder

4. If you are running MacOS X 10.8 or newer, launch by right clicking 
   the icon and clicking open. Then click open again at the security warning.
   If you are using an older version of MacOS, double click the icon.

5. MISTC will start in OFFLINE mode allowing you to play 
   or create recordings.

To connect to a live class from Moodle in your web browser, just double click on the .nwm file provided in the browser's Downloads panel, or use the Finder to navigate to the downloads directory and double click on it there.

To play a MISTC recording file, simply double-click on the file. The MISTC client will launch with a Play Control panel. If the file is delivered through a webpage, be sure to choose "download" and then double-click on the file locally.

If MISTC gives a message that it needs Admin privileges and then fails, run it using the sudo command shown below pasted into the window:

    sudo /Applications/

You will need to be an admin user and enter your password when prompted. The is available in the Applications/Utilities folder.

Please report problems with the MISTC Mac Client to

Last updated: 01/18/2018