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Moodle Course User Groups

When the users enrolled in a course need to be divided into groups that have access to separate course activities and/or resources, it is necessary to use the Moodle "groups" and "groupings" designations. Moodle requires that such groups use self-enrollment and enrollment keys. (NOTE: Moodle uses the single 'l', i.e., enrolment, enrol.)

The following describes the steps to create Moodle groupings within a course. You must make groups for the students to enroll into, and then make groupings for the groups. Separate activities and resources may restricted to groupings, but not to groups alone. However, a grouping is allowed to have only one group.

It would be helpful to be familiar with the Moodle icons before beginning this procedure. These instructions assume your course is already created. Follow the links to the Moodle documentation pages for specific explanations. Be sure to save your changes at the end of each step.

  1. Enrollment keys: Set your course enrollment method to use enrollment keys. You will be using the "open/close eye" icon. An enrollment key is a password for all the students in a particular group to use when enrolling. Moodle will use the key to assign the student to the group. An enrollment key that does not have a designated group will not enroll the student any group. Either way, the student will not need the key after enrolling.

  2. Create a group and give it an enrollment key.

  3. Create a grouping and add your group to the grouping. Look for the "three people" icon.

  4. Add a resource for the grouping only. First add the resource, then use "show advanced" to make the resource available to the grouping only.

  5. Add an activity for the grouping only. First add the resource, then use "show advanced" to make the resource available to the grouping only.

NOTE: for using MISTC, you will need to create a link to the MISTC download page (make the URL a resource), a link to connect to the live class (an activity), and a folder for the lecture recordings (a resource). If you are using groups and groupings, each of these will need to be made available to the grouping as described above.

"Available for group members only" is an experimental feature which may be enabled by an administrator in Settings > Site administration > Development > Experimental.

Last updated: 06/06/2012