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Start Up MISTC  to Teach

--With Smartboard--

  1. Computer and Smartboard: Make sure the computer and Smartboard are turned on. You can also run a projector, mirroring the SmartBoard display.

  2. Microphone: If you are using a PolyCom, turn on the PolyCom mic (use the button with handset symbol). If it makes a dial tone, unplug its phone line. The wireless mic will not work without PolyCom turned on. Start the wireless mic and clip it on yourself, near your throat.

  3. Login to Moodle: Log in to your Moodle with your username and password and choose your course, click 'Connect to Class', then 'Connect to Class' again on the next page.

  4. Set up Smartboard: Drag the MISTC Whiteboard onto SmartBoard and maximize it.

  5. Set up MISTC: Click 'Request Floor'. If you are using a projector, click 'Projctr' (upper left of screen) and maximize the resulting whiteboard within the projector screen.

  6. Set up slides: Using 'Import Slide' on Whiteboard, open your slide file from wherever it is. If it is online, you may need to move it to T:\MISTCDATA\SLIDES\yourCourseID first. Use the 'Save Link As' choice.

  7. Start recorder: Click on 'Record' at upper left of screen to open the recorder; start it using forward arrow; then import your first slide. (Import only after the recorder is running.)

    * If it is not time to start yet, pause the recorder; then click the forward arrow again later to begin teaching.

Last updated: 05/16/2012