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Simulation Lab

C4I Center, MSN 4B5
George Mason University
S&T II Room 322
Fairfax, VA 22030

Download and Play NEW Recordings

Procedure to download the NEW player and the recording:

  1. Download the most recent NEW client on the NEW download page
    • It is NOT necessary to download the NEW server.
    • The NEW client installs itself in C:\Program Files\NEW\
  2. Right click on the link of the recording you want to download.
  3. Save the file to C:\Program Files\NEW\RECORDINGS\.
  4. If the file is zipped, right click on the filename in C:\Program Files\NEW\RECORDINGS\ to initiate the WinZip program -- or use your choice of software to unzip the file. Save the unzipped file in C:\Program Files\NEW\RECORDINGS\

Procedure to playback downloaded NEW recordings:

  1. Go to the C:\Program Files\NEW folder.
  2. Double click on "PLAY STANDALONE". This will pull up the NEW standalone player.
  3. Choose the recording that you want to play from the menu and click on "Play".

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