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NEW System Requirements


  • Windows environment
            System         Memory   Processor 
    Windows Vista/W7 512MB 1.0GHz
    WinXP 256MB 750MHz
    Windows 2000 128MB 500MHz

  • Linux environment
            System         Memory   Processor 
    Linux 256MB 500MHz

  • Mac environment
            System         Memory   Processor 
    MacOS 10.5+ 512MB Intel CPU

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or later installed (free JRE download)
  • Open Office, if desired for slide conversion (free download)
  • Pentium III-300Mhz or better processor
  • 64MB RAM (with video and extra WBD for projector, 256MB)
  • 20MB free disk
  • Standard sound card
  • Earphones or amplified speakers
  • Microphone (optional for students)
  • Web camera (optional for instructor; not recommended for students)
  • 56 kb/s or better network connection (non-conference student)
  • 100 kb/s network connection (instructor without video)
  • 500 kb/s network connection (instructor with video)


  • Windows 2000 or XP Pro, Linux, or Solaris
  • Web server supporting html, shtml, and php installed
    (we recommend Apache - free download)
  • MySQL database management system installed (free download)
  • Java Runtime Environment Installed
  • 100 MB free disk plus additional 500MB per course to be recorded
  • 100 Mb/s network connection

    NOTE: The following supports 20 simultaneous clients;
    increase for larger groups
  • Pentium III-1GHz or better processor
  • 512 MB RAM to hold operating system and basic NEW system
  • 216MB RAM for NEW system with one server
  • 174MB for each additional server


    If you cannot guarantee these rates across the whole path from client to server, do not try to run NEW, it will fail!
  • bursts to 40 kb/s per connected student (without video)
  • bursts ot 200 kb/s per connected student (with video)


  • while NEW supports modem-level connections for courses, conferences are now configured for graphic-intensive purposes so conference users require high capacity Internet connections. Symptoms of a weak connection are failure of NEW to start or frequent disconnections. Always test your connection before you attend a course of conference.

Last updated: 01/12/10