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The Network Education Ware

Network EducationWare has joined with Moodle to become
Moodle Integrated Synchronous Teaching and Conferencing or
For more information...

What’s NEW ?

NEW is a powerful and robust Internet teaching and conferencing environment based on open-source Internet conferencing software.

NEW is a suite of open-source distance education software, which is highly modular and makes efficient use of both network bandwidth and human time.

NEW is easy to adapt for a wide variety of distance education and conferencing uses.

What’s special about NEW ?

To create NEW , we have added "glue" functions to other groups' openly available software (keeping all original functions). We have cleaned up bugs when necessary, and are making the whole system available as open-source on this website.

What are the features of NEW ?

  • Multi-platform: Windows, Linux and Macintosh
  • Based on a multicasting model using open source clients
  • TCP tunnel option works through firewalls and NATs
  • Authentication with web-based access
  • Multi-user audio with floor control
  • Text chat with remote URL launch
  • Whiteboard supports multi-user drawing
  • Whiteboard imports slides and application windows
  • Application launching on remote client computers under floor control
  • Authoring for whiteboard slides from any application
  • Usable over 56K modem links (without video)
  • Record and playback at any site and on server as well
  • Both streaming playback and download playback available
  • Simple integration of any multicast-based tool
  • Tools may be run on single or multiple computers
  • Transport Layer Multicaster (TLM)   Features
  • Adaptation of Speak Freely   Features
  • Master client (TLMC)   Features

How does NEW work ?

What’s the latest news about NEW ?

  • Whiteboard continuously imports application window
  • Whiteboard has improved control layout and function
  • Whiteboard has an improved slide import utility for Microsoft PowerPoint JPEGs with titles preserved
  • Floor control downloads datafiles in background and uses them to run the same application on all users' machines, under control of the floorholder
  • Used by six courses at George Mason for Fall 2009.
  • Floor Control features voting and breakout "rooms"
  • Autogenerates links for Learning Management Systems such as Moodle or Blackboard
  • Supports cross-listed courses
  • Beta version of recorder editor now available
  • Beta tool NEWTOVID for export to iPod now available

Please visit this site again to try something NEW !

Last updated: 03/30/11