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TLM Features

Our first project was the Transport Layer Multicaster (TLM) , middleware that functions as the server of the NEW system. TLM version 1.2 is now operational.


  • Written in Java so it runs on Unix or Windows systems

  • Clients connect via TCP/IP, UDP/IP unicast, or UDP/IP multicast

  • Authentication via username/password, IP address, session variable,
    or unrestricted connection

  • Supports floor control release modes Always, Never, and Ask Me

  • Multiple floor controllers for team teaching

  • Transmit can be limited to floor holder to enable operation over
    low-capacity networks

  • Floor holder can launch a URL on participating computers

  • The floor control client is a Java program that can run as an Applet,
    delivered from a webserver.

  • Automatically matches user to room schedule, by course

  • Works over Network Address Translation (NAT)

Last updated: 09/18/07